Project Description

Phoenix Sculpted Shade Structures

Singer Studio’s sculpted shade structures were created as a part of the Phoenix Grand Canal that together with pathways, plantings, lighting, and the canal itself, shape the identity of this new vital link through the City. The project’s sculpted elements include shade structures, seating and gathering spaces, paving and paving merged with low walls. The elements mix and concentrate at certain sites to create shaded overlooks along the canal. The sculpted shade structures are composed of multiple layers of aluminum that create a sculptural lattice, intricate column faces, ever-changing shade patterns during the day and light patterns at night. The shadow patterns cast by the sculpted shade structures reference the movement and oxygenation of water in the Grand Canal. The structures are comprised of sculpted plate aluminum, sculpted cast aluminum and structural aluminum. The ground elements such as benches, paving and low walls consist of integrally colored and patterned cast concrete with embedded sandstone. Sandstone is used as both a regionally sourced material and a theme in the project (some of the sculpted aluminum utilizes sandstone patterns for instance), referencing the movement and interaction of water and sediment within the canal system. The material, color and pattern relationships between the various elements are intended to visually and experientially unite the length of the Phoenix Grand Canal over three miles and throughout a variety of urban spaces.

The designs put forth by the Studio are based on direct public input from the community.  Surveys and community workshops resulted in clear feedback on the public’s priorities regarding desired amenities along the Grand Canal. When asked about the role of public art on the project 37% of respondents said that the art should be functional (e.g. shade structures /benches) and another 40% said artwork should be a combination of function an aesthetics. This direction from the public, including numerous written comments and personal face-to-face discussions during community events, guided the Studio’s work throughout the project.

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Artist / Designer: Michael Singer
Singer Studio Team: Jason Bregman, Jonathan Fogelson, John Gioello
Engineering: James Barr P.E., Shane Kuhlman P.E., Kooi-Lim  Hoe P.E., Chris Milner P.E. with TY Lin
Landscape Architect: John Barker with Gavan Barker
Lighting and Electrical Engineering: Cliff Tolman P.E. with Wright Engineering
Phoenix Arts and Culture Team: Elizabeth Grajales, Ed Lebow, Rebecca Rothman
Phoenix Streets Department: Gail Brinkmann
Salt River Project Liaison:  Jim Duncan
Aluminum Fabricator and Installer: Southwest Fabrication
Precast Concrete: Mesa Precast
General Contractor: Combs Construction

Phoenix Sculpted Shade Structures