About Singer Studio

Michael Singer Studio (aka Singer Studio) is a multifaceted art, design, and planning studio focused on understanding and expressing each project’s environmental systems and interactions as well as exploring its social and educational potential. Singer Studio projects are noted for specificity to the site, aesthetic beauty, functionality, and artful details in design and fabrication. The Studio offers in-house architectural and landscape architectural design, planning, interpretive design, fabrication, and construction, and is experienced in working with teams that include a variety of other professionals from engineers to botanists and policy makers.

Singer Studio’s  philosophy toward sculpture, architectural and landscape design, and the environmental design of spaces focuses on 4 core principles that are embodied in the Studio’s work:

Site Specificity: Each project is considered individually and crafted to address and interact with the site’s specific program, environmental systems and social context. Singer Studio studies each site and explores specific opportunities to reveal a site’s full potential. Every project is designed and built for a specific place ensuring a unique outcome that responds to its context.

Ecological Regeneration: For over 30 years Singer Studio has been a leading voice in the creation of spaces that actively regenerate the built environment. From water cleansing gardens to large scale infrastructure projects the Studio has always sought to shape environmental systems to improve ecological health, filter air and water, and create places for people to witness growth and change over time.

Craft and Detail: For projects that involve the Studio in the fabrication of site specific elements each piece is hand crafted in Vermont with expert craftsmanship and detailing. Singer’s team of craftsmen has been working with the Studio for decades. The Studio engages a select group of stone, metal and wood suppliers who know Singer’s fabrication processes and expectations intimately.

Interdisciplinary Approach: The Studio’s approach to projects often includes a wide range of professionals to engage in a collaborative design process. The creation of sculptural gardens calls for biologists, masons, structural engineers, water quality specialists, and landscape architects. Larger planning projects often take in anthropologists, urban designers, whole systems engineers, philosophers, and economists. The goal is to obtain a range of ideas and points of view that then become the Studio’s foundation for integrating systems and programs, creating new and refreshing spaces that are unique to their environment.

The Singer Studio Collaborative Model  (below)

The Singer Studio Collaborative Model

For over 30 years Michael Singer has worked with collaborative teams on projects ranging from public art to planning; architectural design and infrastructure. This collaborative approach is based on a satellite model, where  independent colleagues work with the studio on a project by project basis. This allows the Studio to connect the most qualified and experienced people and companies for each particular project, without having the costly overhead of having every set of skills on hand all the time.

Singer Studio LLC (SGS) and Michael Singer Inc. (MSI) are the business entities of artist, designer and planner Michael Singer which is responsible for the contractual arrangements for projects. Michael Singer Studio is Michael Singer’s collaborative team of designers and specialists who assist in the advancement of SGS and MSI projects. Learn more about the collaborative team here.