Project Description

Paradise Creek Nature Park

Portsmouth, Virginia, 2006-2014

The Elizabeth River Project (ERP) selected Michael Singer to work with Clough, Harbour & Associates on a master plan to support ERP’s goal of creating a nature park on Paradise Creek, in partnership with the City of Portsmouth, Virginia. Paradise Creek is a tributary of the Elizabeth River and the 40 acre site will have over 10 acres of re-created tidal wetlands; restoring wetlands that were previously filled on site. The mission is to restore vital upland forests and wetlands while providing unique recreational opportunities for the community. The master plan and vision achieves a critical part of ERP’s community-based watershed management plan for Paradise Creek. The project demonstrates state of the art green development strategies, environmental restoration, and provides interpretation to inspire environmental stewardship.

After years of funding and permitting the project broke ground in 2012 and will be in multi-phase construction through 2014. In the process of re-creating the wetlands some of the excavated material will be kept on-site for the creation of a large earthwork designed by Michael Singer in 2006 and further developed in 2010.

Artist / Designer: Michael Singer
Singer Studio Project Manager and Environmental Designer: Jason Bregman
Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Engineering: Dave Barlow, Doug Orcutt
and Scott Carson at Clough, Harbour & Associates LLP
Elizabeth River Project: Marjorie Mayfield Jackson, Executive Director

Paradise Creek Nature Park