50th Earth Day – Singer Studio Innovative Work

In the 1970’s artist Michael Singer’s work was at the forefront of the Earth Art Movement; in honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – Singer Studio is excited to share some current innovative research and development work. Right now, our latest project is in fabrication utilizing a new concrete formula composed of approximately 70% recycled material. This concrete not only creates beautiful sculpted forms and surfaces, but is also significantly stronger and has a lower carbon footprint than standard concrete through the replacement of portland cement (cement contributes to approximately 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions). Our Studio has invested significant time, research and funds to create this innovative concrete formulation and plans to evaluate and improve it over time. As a ‘proof of concept’ we hope to use our work as a precedent for larger projects and even open up a dialogue in the concrete industry as a whole. This is how we create change, one project at a time.