Project Description

Cohen-Collins House

Northampton, Massachusetts

The 5,000 square foot house is a combination of steel and wood construction designed around a central gallery passageway spine extending from the entry to the south deck. The home site is located in an in-town neighborhood on a ridge overlooking the Mill River with spectacular views of the Holyoke Range. The new structure is built on an existing foundation that has been modified to accept a cantilever over the hillside. Key guidelines for the project include energy efficiency (passive solar design and geothermal heat exchange for heating and cooling), exposure to light and views, privacy, family oriented spaces and naturalized landscaping.

The project was featured on the cover of the Boston Globe Magazine for an article on green homes in June 2010 which can be read here.

Artist/Designer: Michael Singer
Singer Studio Project Manager: Aaron Kadoch
Architect of Record: Oest Associates Inc.
Engineering: Calen Colby, Roy Spugnardi, and Mercer Bonney at Oest Associates Inc.
Builders: Renaissance Builders
Construction Oversight: Myles Davis
Custom Built-in Elements: Al Chapman and Sean Springer
Photography: David Stansbury

Cohen-Collins House