Project Description

Tropical Gardens


Delray Beach, Florida

Over the course of several years Michael Singer designed a series of Tropical Gardens in Delray Beach, Florida with a mix of native plants and dense colorful tropical flora. All three gardens transformed mundane lawns into vibrant garden spaces with lush tropical vegetation defining niches, pathways and shaded seating areas. Adjacent living areas all open to and focus on intimate garden spaces. Patio spaces are laid with a diverse pattern of stained pavers. The Palm Trail Garden project included the renovation of a home interwoven with the garden spaces and low screening walls planted with flowering and variegated leaf vines. In several of the gardens custom wooden boxes with copper covers conceal shallow cistern fountains, adding the sound of flowing water to the garden spaces.

Artist / Designer: Michael Singer
Contractors: Brent Mohl and Paul Hinsley, Vince Lucas, Al Chapman
Plant Specialist: Carolyn Pendelton Parker (Palm Trail Garden)
Photography: David Stansbury and images courtesy of Daniels and Roberts

Tropical Gardens