Project Description

Vermont Natural History Museum


Hogback Mountain, Vermont

The Michael Singer Studio design team was selected to develop the conceptual design for the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum on a site known as Skyline located on Route 9 midway between Bennington and Brattleboro. This stunning location, setting, and its expansive 100-mile view, is the main attraction for thousands of tourists using this scenic route. The integration of the building design within its setting creates an experience that provides different ways of seeing the Vermont landscape. The three vertical levels of the building correspond spatially to the overview and sky, being in the trees, and walking on the ground. The interpretive programs explore these themes, “Gateway to Special Places“, on each level; nature’s impact, human imprints, and the dynamic interactions between humans and nature. Best practices in sustainable design were a guiding principle of the project. The building was a demonstration of energy efficiency, active and passive solar energy collection, on site storm water treatment, careful selection of building materials, naturalized landscaping and habitat creation.

Artist/Designer: Michael Singer
Architectural Design Team: Michael Singer with Peter Nobile and
Hernan Schlosman at Shepley Bulfinch Richardson, and Abbott Architects
Engineering: Calen Colby at Oest Associates Inc.
Exhibition and Programming Design: Dolores Root
Conceptual Renderings: Trevor Lee

Vermont Natural History Museum