Project Description

Seminole Parking Structure


Coconut Creek, Florida

The Seminole Coconut Creek Casino and Resort engaged Michael Singer Studio to review the master plan and design for the expansion of their facilities in Coconut Creek and to recommend and identify public areas in the development that could achieve a “conspicuous display of green technology” and integrate public art. The Studio addressed the next phase of the project- a 7 storey, 3000 car, valet and bus parking structure, to see how it could support a range of environmental functions in a highly visible manner. The Studio identified a range of possibilities, re-imagining the entire skin of the structure, its internal systems and its top deck. The top deck of the garage was designed with solar pv canopies that also provide shade for vehicles, support LED light strips along the canopy underside to reduce light pollution, and collect clean rainwater for sculptural water elements and gardens integrated with the building’s skin and the surrounding retention ponds. The skin of the structure was designed as an armature for small horticultural gardens that produce non-edible native plants for local restoration projects as well as flower displays at the resort. The water for these gardens was designed to be collected from the roof canopies and stored in cisterns and the retention ponds on site. The soil for the gardens could be supplied by compostable waste from the resort, creating a closed loop for organic waste within the site. The structure’s skin is also envisioned as a large scale canvas derived from traditional Seminole Tribe patterns comprised of perforated metal panels and wire mesh. The ground floor retail buildings support green roofs and are surrounded by living walls and outdoor cafes. Aspects of this study were integrated and built within the final garage design- including the solar canopies, the Sculptural Biofiltration Wall, rainwater harvesting and green walls.

Artist / Designer: Michael Singer
Singer Studio Design Team: Jason Bregman, Calen Colby
and Ian Stebinger at Oest Associates
Architect of Record: Friedmutter Group
Landscape Architect: EDSA
Civil Engineer: Keith and Schnars
Solar Array: Advanced Roofing

Seminole Parking Structure