Project Description

Courthouse Security Barrier


West Palm Beach, Florida

Michael Singer was selected through a competition to design and fabricate a security barrier for two plazas of the County Courthouse. This project uses public art to aesthetically enhance the functional need for security to prevent vehicles from entering the courthouse plazas. The sculptural elements placed on the plaza are comprised of massive white granite carved blocks specially positioned to prevent vehicles from breaching or winding their way through the configuration. Each of the carved blocks are inscribed with inspirational quotes regarding justice. As part of Singer’s process, the judges at the courthouse were asked to choose the quotes for each granite piece. The project also includes a granite and copper roofed pavilion placed in the plaza to provide shelter from the sun and rain. The project was sponsored by Palm Beach County, selected by the County Committee for Courthouse Art, and managed by the Palm Beach Cultural Council.

Artist / Designer: Michael Singer
Singer Studio Project Team: David Loomis,
Marcus Springer, Granite Importers
Photography: David Stansbury

Courthouse Security Barrier