Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture

arts report release (facebook)

The US Water Alliance has released an action-oriented blueprint for integrating arts and culture into sustainable water management. The water sector needs new solutions and innovative collaborations to drive positive and lasting change in water management. Sharing the conviction that arts and culture strategies have the power to transform the way the nation views, values, […]

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One Water Partnership


Michael Singer Studio is excited to join ArtPlace America and the US Water Alliance to advance solutions to our Nation’s water challenges. Our Studio has joined the One Water advisory group and will be exploring the utilization of arts and culture to advance sustainable, integrated, and equitable water management in America. Learn more here.

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KEPCO Visit to discuss Infrastructure and Community


This week Michael Singer Studio welcomed a delegation from the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) to discuss integrating infrastructure with the communities they serve. The KEPCO group took a tour of the Studio’s most recent power facility at the Solid Waste Authority and also visited the West Palm Beach Waterfront Living Dock. The visit was […]

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Shaping Space at the Williams College Museum of Art


Ritual Series 1990 and paper collages in the collection of Williams College Museum will open to the public on November 4th, 2016 through February 2017. Ritual Series, by Michael Singer is the centerpiece of this new exhibition titled Shaping Space, which also includes works by by Richard Serra, Mel Edwards, and Louise Nevelson. To learn more about the Shaping Space […]

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Pattern Formations at Weber State University


A new sculpted interior work by Michael Singer Studio is nearing completion.  Pattern Formations is a synthesis between the inherent beauty of natural systems and the geological structures and minerals of the Wasatch Front. The project is located within the new Tracy Hall Science Center at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah and was commissioned […]

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Uplifted Ground at the Austin Airport – Awarded and Published


Uplifted Ground at the Austin Airport was selected and recognized as part of the Americans for the Arts 2016 Public Art Network Year in Review; see here. The project was selected from 260 applications submitted nationwide. Congratulations to the City of Austin and Austin Bergstrom International Airport! The project was also covered in the summer 2016 […]

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SWA Visitors Center Officially LEED Platinum

SWA Platinum Image

The Solid Waste Authority’s new Visitors Center has been officially certified as a LEED Platinum Building. This innovative education center is at the heart of the new SWA waste-to-energy campus which was planned and conceptualized by Michael Singer Studio in 2009 and ultimately realized in 2015. Over this 6 year process the Studio was responsible […]

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Uplifted Ground Complete


Uplifted Ground at the Austin Airport is complete! The project titled Uplifted Ground embodies several interrelated concepts including geometries and transitions based on local geological formations, Texas minerals, and patterning from aerial photography throughout the state. As a transition space, Uplifted Ground utilizes the viewers’ motion north and south to experience the transformation of the […]

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Living Shoreline Regeneration Project Planted


The Living Shoreline Regeneration Project prototype planter has been installed and planted. Thanks to all of the volunteers that planted over 2000 spartina grass plugs and over 700 sea purslane, sea oxeye, and railroad vine in the top planters. The project has also received international press. See coverage in Reuters here. More information on the project […]

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SWA Waste-to-Energy Facility is now complete.


SWA Waste-to-Energy Facility Palm Beach County, Florida The new SWA Waste-to-Energy Facility in Palm Beach County is now complete. The grand opening for the public is this Saturday at 11am. The Studio developed the conceptual aesthetic and environmental design for this new $700M Facility, assisted in establishing design criteria, and was involved in design and […]

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Bryant Park Mangrove Planters Installed


The Living Shoreline Project is partially installed with the mangrove planters in the water at Bryant Park in Lake Worth, Florida. They were hoisted into the water in late May and will be back-filled and later planted with spartina grasses and mangroves. It is exciting to finally see these elements get wet! Amazingly it took […]

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Update: Living Shorelines Mangrove Planters On-site


Fabrication has been completed on the prototype mangrove planter elements and they have been delivered to Bryant Park in Lake Worth, Florida. The elements will be installed in May and planting will be completed shortly thereafter.  Updates will be posted on the installation. The Living Shoreline will improve water quality, protect the adjacent bulkhead seawall, […]

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Living Shoreline Regeneration Project


The Living Shoreline is comprised of eleven Sculptural Elements that are designed to support the growth of mangroves and emergent grasses, create shelter and passage for fish, and establish oyster reef habitat within the Lake Worth Lagoon in Southern Florida. This concept is an innovative approach to public art in which the artwork is created […]

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Shared Living for Adults with Autism


Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions: a Population Positively Affected by Sustainable Practices Michael Singer Studio, in collaboration with The Center for Discovery with generous support from the Jeffrey Cook Charitable Trust, has created a new model for shared housing for individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). This model employs design principles that embody a deep understanding of the […]

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A New Vision for the E. 91st Street MTS


Michael Singer Studio, in collaboration with Asphalt Green, GNA, Sam Schwartz Engineering and others have released the Vision Study for the 91st Street Marine Transfer Station in Manhattan. The Vision for the East 91st Street MTS is based on two main goals : 1. Mitigating direct and indirect environmental impacts on Asphalt Green, adjacent parks, […]

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After the Flood – Londonderry, Vermont


Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 devastated many towns in rural Vermont. The town of Londonderry, Vermont was inundated, severely damaging properties in the heart of the town center. In August 2013 in partnership with Windham Regional Commission, the Center for Creative Solutions led a six-day workshop focused on the uses for several properties participating in […]

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Neighborhood Health Driven Sustainability Plan


Michael Singer Studio is working in close collaboration with Community Solutions on a health driven community based sustainability plan for the Northeast Neighborhood of Hartford, Connecticut. The plan is directly informed by a neighborhood Health Impact Assessment through the Health Impact Project of the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The community […]

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Spodak Dental Group is officially LEED Gold


Its official, the Spodak Dental Group is now LEED Gold Certified. The new signage (created by our Studio) just went up today, explaining all aspects of the green building and landscape. If you are in the Delray Beach area definitely check it out and maybe get your teeth cleaned while you are there… There will […]

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Spodak Dental Group Opens!


The new home of the Spodak Dental Group is now open in Delray Beach Florida. From day one Dr. Craig Spodak  envisioned an environmentally sound holistic building and landscape that provides comfort to patients, inspires staff and creates an open and transparent facility. The 13,000 square foot LEED Gold building provides space for 18 dental […]

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After the Flood


The Center for Creative Solutions is offering a unique professional development workshop entitled “After the Flood: Regenerative Design, Renewal, Resilience.”  The six day workshop will run from August 4th to 10th in Jamaica, Vermont and will offer the opportunity to work collaboratively with an interdisciplinary team of exceptional practitioners, including Michael Singer and Liz Lerman, […]

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Lake Worth Beach Nearly Complete


The Lake Worth Beach project is nearly complete, with the grand opening scheduled for March 1st at 7 pm. Many seem to agree the Beach landscape is a vast improvement over the old beach and residents and visitors alike have flocked to the site even while it has been in construction. While many of the sustainable design elements of the […]

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Wemyss Bight EOC almost complete!


The Wemyss Bight Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is well underway; we have just received word that the roof is now complete! South Eleuthera Emergency Partners is leading the way to provide emergency fire and medical services to the southern end of Eleuthera that currently has no local service.  Interested in supporting the community based project? Donate here. The […]

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Design for Autism Event

The National Endowment for the Arts has funded an ongoing collaboration headed by Michael Singer Studio focused on research and design of classrooms dedicated to serving students that have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Please see our “On the Boards” project category and select “Design for Autism” for additional details. As an extension of this project, […]

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South Cove Regeneration Project – Now Open


The West Palm Beach section of the Intracoastal Waterway is the Lake Worth Lagoon. A century of human interventions and urbanization, building inlets from the ocean, the loss of wetlands and an increase of impervious surfaces sending polluted runoff into the Lake Worth Lagoon has resulted in the deterioration of the environmental quality of the […]

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Queens Plaza Opens!


Queens Plaza in Long Island City, New York  is now officially open to the public. The NYC Department of City Planning and the NYC Economic Development Corporation hired Michael Singer Studio as a part of a design team lead by Margie Ruddick Landscape to provide planning, streetscape and landscape design for the public spaces in […]

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The Edge Workshops, Refshaleoen, Copenhagen


Michael Singer Studio led a workshop process called The Edge on Refshaleoen Peninsula as a part of the LAND with artist Joachim Hamou and his work with Projekt Landburg at Café Teatret in Copenhagen. The Edge was a public collaborative exploration of the potential of open land on Refshaleoen and how it might be made ‘productive’ in many aspects: […]

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Exhibition at the Danish Architectural Centre


Engaging Architecture, Landscape and Ecological Renewal / The work of artist Michael Singer is displayed in Danish Architecture Centre on Level 2, November 19 2011 – January 29 2012. The American artist Michael Singer creates sculptures, landscapes and architecture that weave into its surroundings in a convincing way – whether the subject is nature or urban […]

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Utzon Center Exhibition Opens


Michael Singer Projects in Art, Design and Environmental Regeneration On 7 June 2011, the Utzon Center in Aalborg, Denmark, will open a large exhibition of sculpture, drawing collages, gardens, architectural projects, infrastructure design and urban planning by the internationally known artist and designer Michael Singer. Along with his visual art, Singer’s more recent public and […]

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Exhibition at the Utzon Center in Aalborg, Denmark


Michael Singer Projects in Art, Design and Environmental Regeneration On 7 June 2011, the Utzon Center in Aalborg, Denmark, will open a large exhibition of sculpture, drawing collages, gardens, architectural projects, infrastructure design and urban planning by the internationally known artist and designer Michael Singer. Along with his visual art, Singer’s more recent public and […]

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